The Computer Laboratory

The computer laboratory has 50 computers so that each student from std 1 to std 10 gets an opportunity to explore and learn through the medium of digital learning. Students follow a regular syllabus developed by the school for the board and the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) syllabus followed by the Radiant School Examinations curriculum.

The computers have the configuration appropriate to the curriculum as well as programmes required by the school. The software is updated regularly and it is developed internally as well to ensure that the latest trends in technology are in use. Students and teachers interact online for project and research work.

Apart from the computer laboratory, the school has interactive smart boards in every class, uploaded with the latest information and technology catering to both the boards. Internet facility is provided under controlled use in the laboratory and in the classrooms.

We have two computer labs, one for the lower grade students, and another for the higher grade students with essential software to provide students with hands-on practical experience and to equip them to take advantages of emerging technology.