Primary Section Grade 1 & 2

No.of .Classes : 10
Grade 1 A,B,C,D,E,F (6 divisions)
Grade 2 A, B,C,D ( 4 divisions )

No.of Teachers : 10
3 Arabic teachers
2 Hindi teachers
2 Urdu and Islamic teachers
1 Art teacher
Total 18 Teachers

No.of.Students : Around 290 students. 28 to 30 students in each class.

Assessment procedure : Academic year is divided into 3 terms. Each term has two Class Assessment tests of 50 marks .Final result is to be Assessed on finding the average percentage of the 6 Class Assessments done.

Middle school- Grade 3, 4, and 5

  • In the middle section of Radiant School there are total 11 classes
  • Grade 3 Is having 4 sections, Grade 4 is having 3 sections and Grade 5 is having 4 sections. Approximately there are 30 Students in each section.
  • English, Mathematics, Science, Social studies, Arabic are the main subjects. The School offers option of Language Hindi, Urdu and Malayalam to the students.
  • Students are having Library period, G.K. period, Art period, Computer period weekly.
  • They also have Class-Activities period. Class teacher takes CA period. It develops confidence, creativity and commitment in children.
  • For the physical-fitness students are having Indoor and Outdoor Games and Physical training also.
  • For SEN students teachers take Remedial classes during school hours.
  • Grade 3 have 8 Class assessments
  • Grade 4 and Grade 5 have two terms. Each term has two Formative assessments and one summative assessment.
  • Students are occasionally taken out on picnics and educational tours.
  • Radiant School is imparting the best quality education along with maintaining moral, religious, cultural and ethical values.