Vice Principal's Message

Alka Suxena

Twenty five glorious years have gone and the school has grown and flourished into a beautiful campus with well equipped labs and library, spacious class rooms and latest IT facilities and enrolment of over 1000 students. Radiant School, Sharjah emphasizes on all round development of extra- curricular activities that inculcate team spirit, exploration and development of each student's potential and confidence.

I commend the entire staff of our school for their determination and being the architects of our success. I also appreciate the parents of our children for their warm and positive involvement. We accentuate the academic, cultural, sporting and spiritual dimensions in the course of our pupils time with us. Our moderate School fees are a further attraction to our prospective parents, who bring to our school a richness in background and culture.

The development of self confidence and respect for self and others is promoted on a daily basis. A good value system in the maintenance of very high morals is an essential ingredient for healthy lifestyle. Our students have much potential which must be cultivated and developed. As professionals, we have high expectations and we work systematically to ensure that our objectives are achieved.

The present staff is energized, hardworking, creative, dedicated and outstanding in its performance. We deliver our service with a heart that is full of love, understanding and compassion. As the principal of this prestigious institution, I am extremely proud to serve in this capacity. The delivery of quality education is of great significance to us.We would like to take this opportunity to express our profound gratitude to the well wishers of Radiant School. Your cooperation and contribution have helped us significantly in our endeavours. This partnership has contributed to our success.

Parents! without you, there will be no children to teach. We therefore, acknowledge the vital role you have played at the school. You are always there to encourage and support the staff. You are great parents and we do appreciate you wholeheartedly.

May this website provide an avenue whereby past teachers and students can monitor the progress of the school. May God continue to bless us all as we continue to empower students to 'learn today in order to earn tomorrow'.

Ms Alka Suxena
Vice Principal
Radiant School
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates